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“I love bringing together different

“I love bringing together

styles of interiors from all over the

different styles of interiors from

globe and adding an African twist,

all over the globe and adding

that something which gives it vava.”

an African twist, that

something which gives it vava.”

Dedicated to

Dedicated to creating

creating tailored

tailored spaces

spaces through

through innovative

innovative style


TASK Interior Styling is a Johannesburg-based black female owned boutique interior firm. We pride ourselves in designing spaces that have an intimate connection to our clients. Our focus moves beyond aesthetics; it is equally important to us that our clients feel good when occupying a space. We are able to achieve this balance through inspired curation: a powerful combination of our unique style input, selected décor pieces and strategic brand partnerships. We find joy in bringing our clients’ vision to life.

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Feel like an interior designer and add a piece of luxury to your home. The TASK Interior Styling store has a range of signature collections from luxury reed diffusers, to originally designed scatter cushions. Each item is designed and manufactured locally in South Africa and can be shipped worldwide.

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